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The Archivist

THE ARCHIVIST (I wrote some of this for a post I made on APUG but I have massaged it a bit and posted it here on my blog.)   For years my wife was the archivist, and primary documentary photographer … Continue reading

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No Batteries Involved

Meet my Zeiss Ikon Ercona 1. This is a 6×9 folding medium format camera built by the Zeiss Ikon camera factory in Dresden, East Germany, sometime in the 1950s. It is a very basic camera. Everything has to be set by hand … Continue reading

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Playing With Toys

Certainly a little old for this but today was spent playing with toys. Here are a few shots just for the fun of it. These were taken with a Pentax SV. This is an early Pentax using an M42 threaded mount and was produced even before the Pentax … Continue reading

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Living with the K1000

I have never really counted them, but there are almost certainly dozens of on-line reviews for the Pentax K1000. So a lack of available information is certainly not why I have chosen this particular camera to talk about. Up to now my blog has talked about … Continue reading

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Can I Be Happy Traveling With A Folder??

In the days of yore, when folders were the king of the heap, traveling around the world with a folding camera was a simple fact of life. They were the teensy weeny digital point and shoot cameras of their day. … Continue reading

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