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Beutler Film Developer Review

Beutler Film Developer Formula Review Introduction – The formula published by Willi Beutler in the first edition of his book “Mein Dunklekammer Praxis” in the 1950s is an excellent developer originally designed for use with the thinner films being produced … Continue reading

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Leica III and Elmar 50/3.5 – Not A Review

Right now this is probably my favorite combination for photographing. Over the past six months I have been using it for family pictures, for amateur sports and for scenic/landscape work. I am certainly not an expert photographer, and I am … Continue reading

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How Certain Films Look

Last fall I took a short walk up the Lamoille Lake trail from Road End. I really wasn’t prepared for a long hike, and since I started rather late in the afternoon I didn’t actually go very far. I had … Continue reading

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The Archivist

THE ARCHIVIST (I wrote some of this for a post I made on APUG but I have massaged it a bit and posted it here on my blog.)   For years my wife was the archivist, and primary documentary photographer … Continue reading

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No Batteries Involved

Meet my┬áZeiss Ikon Ercona 1.┬áThis is a 6×9 folding medium format camera built by the Zeiss Ikon camera factory in Dresden, East Germany, sometime in the 1950s. It is a very basic camera. Everything has to be set by hand … Continue reading

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