Playing With Toys

Certainly a little old for this but today was spent playing with toys. Here are a few shots just for the fun of it. These were taken with a Pentax SV. This is an early Pentax using an M42 threaded mount and was produced even before the Pentax Spotmatic cameras came along. It has no meter so you need to use an external meter to read the light.

Anyway, enjoy.


Waiting patiently for their turn.




All of these were taken using Kodak BW400CN 35/24 black & white chromogenic film. I love using this stuff. Because this is chromogenic film it can be developed by anyone who develops color film. I had this developed at Wal-Mart and, although they are not perfect, the scans were done by Wal-Mart as well. The camera was mounted on an inexpensive Slik U9000 tripod that has a pan/tilt head. The shutter was fired using a shutter release cable. As long as I was careful the images remain clear. Some of the shots are taken using specialty filters that change the light and give the foggy or multiple image effects. The lens I used is a Super Takumar 55mm f1.8 lens that was distributed as a kit lens when this camera was sold.

You have to appreciate the irony of this. These pictures were taken on 35mm film that was originally created way back in the early 1900s as movie film. The images were taken using a camera that is 50 years old, way before digital became a reality. The lens was manufactured around the same time and certainly was not optimized for digital. But here we are, viewing these images on our computer screens today. You certainly do not have to own multi-thousand dollar digital cameras and lenses to use digital. This was all done with a $50 camera and lens, on film that cost less than $4 a roll, developed the same day by the largest discount department store in the world for $10.93 for prints and scans. The images were created on film this morning and are being posting this evening. Isn’t technology wonderful!

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